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This workshop will be about us creating a bit of 'reflective distance' between ourselves and our beloved businesses that sometimes feel like a ball-ache and doing a little housekeeping/Marie Kondo-ing/future-facing/future-proofing/re-romancing etc., etc.,

 So many of us started our businesses a LONG TIME AGO and in that time we've probably re-modelled our sitting rooms twice but what about re-modelling our businesses or parts of our businesses to better suit who we are now and how we want to work now??

 Many of us spend the vast proportion of our waking hours at work so isn't it time to MAKE WORK, WORK BETTER FOR US?? Join me LIVE (as it's nice to have dialogue 🙂 ) or sign up to receive the recording and let's start re-imaging this thing called 'work' how to finally make it WORK FOR US.

WE'RE NOT THE SAME AS WE WERE THREE YEARS AGO, our businesses should probably reflect that!  

Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), WHNC, SMRT
Women's Wellness, Movement + Soft Tissue Therapy Specialist

Established in 2007, Burrell Education continuously led the field and revolutionized the teaching of Female Adolescent, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Menopause Wellness and Soft Tissue Therapy professional certification for more than a decade and a half in the UK and now GLOBALLY via a suite of 'game-changing' ONLINE offerings and events.
Leading the way in delivering forward-thinking, integrated, functional and 'Wholism' Based Fitness and Therapy education that truly stands the professional apart and creates engaged and fully supported female clients. And who doesn't want that in the world? 
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