Hello!!  Welcome to 'A P@ndemic in the Pelvis'.....Unfortunately, this event has ended but you can still view and have FREE ETERNAL ACCESS to all of the RECORDINGS, simply add your details below for access!

The Big Questions For Our Time.....
I've asked each presenter (including myself) the same 3 questions?

1.  What was your personal health story and experience of serving women during the P@ndemic?
2.  What do you think the long term implications of the 'P@andemic and Beyond' is for the wellbeing of women, families and children.
3.  How does our work and how we serve women need to adapt/change/transform to TRULY serve the needs of the women we work with now AND rebuild our own resilience?

Jenny Burrell

Jenny is the Head of Burrell Education, a global leader in women's health, movement, nutrition and soft tissue therapy education covering the Perinatal to Post Menopausal continuum.  Jenny experienced a Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2020 and had first hand experience of being treated within a health system under dire duress.  Jenny's focus will be both 'aftercare for the Cancer patient' and 'how education MUST move along the continuum, away from simply providing the MECHANICS of wellbeing in order to support the ineffable needs of the women we serve.'

Dr. Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims is a Female Athlete Performance Expert Physiologist- Nutrition Scientist and THE leading researcher in FEMALE-SPECIFIC movement and nutrition science. Stacy is also the author of 'Roar' and the 'Women Are Not Small Men' Certification.  Dr. Sims will be discussing her research into Menstrual Cycle changes due to C@vid, the stress of the P@ndemic and post innoculation.  Stacy will also be discussing her soon to be released new book for the Menopausal Athlete entitled: "Next Level: Your Guide to Kicking Ass, Feeling Great, and Crushing Goals Through Menopause and Beyond"

Dr. Jessica Drummond

Jessica Drummond in the Founder at Integrative Women's Health Institute an outstanding educational resourced for ALL THING'S WOMEN'S HEALTH AND WELLBEING.  Dr. Drummond, unfortunately has first-hand experience of both C@vid and Long C@vid and has documented her undulating recovery with great detail.  Throughout the P@ndemic, Jessica continued to serve her client base and her contribution to this event is titled: "Relieving Pelvic Pain: Surprising Lessons Learned from The P@ndemic Experience."

Lynn Schulte

Lynn is a Physical Therapist and the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing based in Colorado USA.  Via her practice as a Birth and  Postpartum Recovery Expert alongside her Globally renowned Annual Birth Summit, Lynn's wisdom regarding the Perinatal period is vast. Lynn's contribution to this event will be to share some of her signature strategies that support her clients to reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies so as to better heal and recover post birth but amidst challenging life events. 

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin

Dr. Martin is a leading Women's Health Physical Therapist and founder of JM Health Solutions based in Atlanta, USA.  As well as remaining 'in the trenches' serving her Perinatal clients throughout the P@ndemic, Dr. Martin also conceived, carried and birthed her own daughter Nora during this time.  She'll be reflecting on her observation in the world of Perinatal Care since 2020 and what she feels needs to be addressed as a matter or urgency by birth workers, worldwide.

Dr. Brianne Grogan

Through her transformational programmes within 'Dr. Bri's Vibrant Pelvic Health' and her hugely resourced YouTube Channel and following, Brianne has a reach into the lives and health of women that's unsurpassed.  Beyond doubt, she has experienced a shift in what's actually required as regards Pelvic Rehab and she'll be sharing her thoughts and solutions on 'what's required now' and it for sure, isn't MORE KEGELS!

Professor Amy Brown

Amy Brown is the author of the book 'C@vid Babies', one of my most referenced/read books of 2022...the information within this book is both essential, powerful and insightful for anyone working in the Perinatal field.  'C@vid Babies' literally chronicals the systematic collapse of the Perinatal Care System in the UK as the first lockdown took hold and acts as a template for how we repair the damage sustained to vital services in a bid to reclaim essential support systems lost and derailed by the events of 2020.

Dr. Tessa Venuti Sanderson

Tessa is author of 6 books, a Yoga Teacher & Trainer, Cycle Awareness Educator and Speaker on ALL THINGS 'Woman Throughout the Key Life Phases'.  Tessa's session is actually HUGE because since 2020, classes that cover health awareness, menstrual literacy and sex education have fallen off the rosta of many schools.  For many children, school will be the only place where they receive this education.  So what happens if this education isn't reprioritized and reinstated? She has some great ideas about what we can all do to ensure that this vital education regains it's ESSENTIAL LEARNING STATUS!
Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), WHNC, SMRT
Women's Wellness, Movement + Soft Tissue Therapy Specialist

Established in 2007, Burrell Education continuously led the field and revolutionized the teaching of Pregnancy, Postnatal and Menopause Wellness and Soft Tissue Therapy professional certification for more than a decade and a half in the UK and now GLOBALLY via a suite of 'game-changing' ONLINE offerings.
Leading the way in delivering forward-thinking, integrated, functional and 'Wholism' Based Fitness and Therapy education that truly stands the professional apart and creates engaged and fully supported female clients. And who doesn't want that in the world?