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Michelle Lyons + Urban Hatch

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Women's Wellness + Fitness Professionals Series
The Post-Birth Edition

  • Day 1: Birthing, Birth Interventions + Implications For Pelvic Trauma.
  • Day 2: The 4th Trimester, Post Natal Depletion and Maternal Mental Health.
  • Day 3: Screening the Post Natal Woman – Remote Screening + Post Birth RED FLAGS
  • ​Day 4: Screening for Diastasis and Functional Movement Capabilities
  • Day 5: Diastasis Recti Rehab –How To REALLY Get Results!
  • Day 6: Pelvic Floor + Pelvic Health – A+P, Down Training for Hypertonicity and Integrated Mobilizations
  • Day 7:  Breath Rehab for the Post Natal woman
  • ​​Day 8: Alignment + Returning to Ease of Movement + Body Literacy for Moms
  • Day 9: Natal Strength® – The Art Progressing the Post Natal Woman to Strength Training
  • Day 10: The 'Beautiful Business' Of Serving The Post Natal Woman
  • ​Day 11 BONUS: The Foundations of Optimal Nutrition + Lifestyle for PN Recovery
Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), WHNC, SMRT
Women's Wellness, Movement + Soft Tissue Therapy Specialist

Jenny Burrell is the creator of Holistic Core Restore (R) and head of Burrell Education, the UKs leading provider of Women's Wellness Education both LIVE in the UK, with Master Trainers in Australia/NZ, Malaysia and courses available GLOBALLY ONLINE.

Established in 2007, Burrell Education continuously led the field and revolutionized the teaching of Pregnancy, Postnatal and Menopause Wellness and Soft Tissue Therapy professional certification for more than a decade in the UK and now GLOBALLY via a suite of 'game-changing' ONLINE offerings.
Leading the way in delivering Modern, Integrated, Functional and Holistic Fitness and Therapy education that truly stands the professional apart and creates happy, successful female clients. And who doesn't want that in the world? You can find out more about Jenny here

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Michelle Lyons is a Global Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Educator based in Ireland that EVERYONE should know if they are working in the world of Women’s Wellness. The term Women’s Health Physiotherapist although wonderful doesn’t actually cover even a 10th of Michelle’s scope of practice, knowledge and teaching which includes Female Cancers, Menopause, Bone Health, Herbalism, Pelvic Health, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Integrative Nutrition…..and the list goes on. Her knowledge base is both extremely wide and deep and her contribution to the 3rd Age Certification, quite simply elevates it to being ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR THE LIFE OF EVERY WOMAN! 

Sofie Jacobs(BSc) is an internationally experienced Midwife who graduate in Belgium in 1998. She has since lived and worked in London and now Hong Kong. Sofie has cared for and coached thousands of women and their partners through Pregnancy and Post Partum and has delivered hundreds of babies in hospital, at home, as well as birthing centres. Sofie is a strong believer in using mindfulness, movement, nutrition and essential tools to prepare for birth and parentood as well as recovery afterwards. Sofie is also trained in Pilates and holds certification from Burrell Education in Optimal Nutrition for Pregnancy and Post Partum. The mission of Sofie's company, Urban Hatch is to help increase her clients' physical and emotional resilience from bump to birth and beyond.