How To Move, Rest + Nourish for Peri-To-Post Menopausal Brain Health

In this Module taken from our MenoStrength® ONLINE Global Certification you'll learn:

  • Defining Dementia, Cognitive Decline and Mild Cognitive Impairment in Women in the Peri to Post Menopausal Years
  • ​Exploring the link between the changes in Hormonal Profile in Women and Cognitive Decline
  • The Positive Impact of Movement, Nutrition and Lifestyle Change on Cognitive Decline
  • ​How to build cognitive stimulus into Exercise Programming and why starting early is key!
  • ​How to create an empowering narrative around cognitive decline by focusing on WHAT WE CAN DO + WHAT WE NOW KNOW!
Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), WHNC, SMRT
Women's Wellness, Movement + Soft Tissue Therapy Specialist

Jenny Burrell is the head of Burrell Education, the UKs leading provider of Women's Wellness Education both LIVE in the UK, Australia/NZ and GLOBALLY ONLINE.

Established in 2007, Burrell Education continously led the field and revolutionized the teaching of Pregnancy, Postnatal and Menopause Wellness and Soft Tissue Therapy professional certification for more than a decade in the UK and now GLOBALLY via a suite of 'game-changing' ONLINE offerings.
Leading the way in delivering Modern, Integrated, Functional and Holistic Fitness and Therapy education that truly stands the professional apart and creates happy, successful female clients. And who doesn't want that in the world? You can find out more about Jenny here